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The Antioxidant Superpower

March 2009


practice life

19 om bringing your practice to life

A dancer's yoga journey; buying a green home; nondairy milk alternatives; meditation for brain power; treats for your feet.

89 media yoga family album An intimate look into the lives of some of yoga's greatest masters.

by lauren ladoceour + book, video & audio reviews

120 the yj interview care giver Elise Browning Miller wanted to help others—yoga taught her to care for herself so she could. by chrisandra fox inspiration

51 guided meditation look both ways See your inner and outer worlds as one with this open-eyed meditation.

by richard rosen

54 basics the right angle Learn proper alignment in Utthita Trikonasana (Extended Triangle Pose) and lay a foundation for your entire practice. by marla apt

61 home practice play leads the way Lift your heart and brighten your day with a backbending sequence by Sianna Sherman. by elizabeth winter

83 anatomy turning point When doing twists, should you keep your pelvis pointing straight ahead or let it turn? Find out here.

by roger cole health

37 eating wisely gold standard Making ghee, or clarified butter, creates a culinary treasure and an opportunity to meditate on the essence of life.

by suzanne vang i lder

43 well being open to change Menopausal hormone shifts can rearrange your body and mind in unnerving ways. Let yoga bring you back into balance. by katherine griffin ad finder 110 living well 116 yoga pages 111 classifieds 117

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