What time weakens, nature can strengthen.

It can add years to life. It can ease the stress of modern living. And it can even improve immunity. It's the 'science of life', and as old as mankind. It uses self-knowledge and self-care to bring harmony to your mind, body and soul — with secrets gathered from leaves, flowers, roots, oils and stones. Ayurveda will nourish you. Much like Incredible !ndia.

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In this exclusive video interview, Shiva Rea explains how surfing, kayaking, and walking on the beach allow her to experience yoga off the mat. Tune in to hear more. podcast creative core

Strengthen your core with a 20-minute video practice taught by vinyasa yoga teacher Jason Crandell. Download it for free to your desktop or iPod.

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"I started practicing yoga rather late, in my mid-40s, got my certificate to teach in my early 50s, and am still rockin' at nearly 60." —yogirev escape win a vacation

Enter our Rancho La Puerta sweepstakes to win a seven-night personal retreat that promises rejuvenation for mind, body, and spirit.

For today's tough strain

Mirations: For last effective relief of stress, sites, gloom due to bad hair days and otto chronc annoyances, and for flexibility in the Wes. joints ant) back. Directions: Adults and children over 12. Do! to 2 hours 4 days a week as needed. Do not e®effl) 6 hours per week unless ultimate results ae desired. Children f2 and under should have laue ra

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