The beginning of saintliness is killing of egoism or Ahamkara. The end of saintliness is Eternal Life. The key to saintliness is humility and self mortification. The light of saintliness is silent meditation. The garb of saintliness is virtue and tolerance, not the Gerua cloth alone.

Pravritti and Nivritti are not two different paths. They are two aspects of one and the same path. There is Pravritti in Nivritti and Nivritti in Pravritti. It is the mental state that counts. Look at Janaka, the king of Videhas. In him, there was absolute Nivritti in Pravritti. Always remember: "Yogasthah kuru karmani sangam tyaktva Dhananjaya."

Man is the master of his own destiny. He sows an action and reaps a habit; sows a habit and reaps a character; sows a character and reaps a destiny. So he is entirely responsible for his Prarabdha Karma. Prarabdha is under his Adheena or control. He will become an absolute fatalist and a slothful, inactive man, if he attributes everything to a pre-ordained destiny or Prarabdha. Let him awaken his free Will. Let him avail himself of his Paramartha (Will). God has endowed man with Buddhi, independent free thinking principle, rational reasoning and all sorts of faculties. He can control atoms; he can control elements; he can fly in air; he can forward a thought from one corner to another corner of the world; he can command electricity to pump out water from a well; he can walk over water, he can sit on fire; he can pass from one body to another; he can roam about the world without being seen by anyone.

In fact there is nothing impossible for him under the sun. Instead of realising his real nature by introspection within himself or Atmic enquiry, he dwells in an instinctive plane, wanders about in vain here and there in this phenomenal world of mere mental creation and forgets the magnanimity of his real Self. He worships man instead of worshipping God. He is a man-worshipper. He signs "I beg to remain. Your obedient servant." Instead of asserting his divine nature as a centre of consciousness in the ocean of life—instead of styling himself as a Director, Controller and Supporter of Universe. Wake up immediately to rectify this lamentable condition; otherwise it will be too late to gather honey in winter! Awake! Arise, Dear Readers!

For sincere spiritual aspirants marching boldly in the Adhyatmic field, this handy publication provides, succinctly, innumerable practical hints. Every page abounds in much valuable information in a condensed form. The laconic lessons contained in this book should speak for themselves. If this proves in any way useful to the ardent Mumukshus, the author's sincere endeavour to help them will be more than amply fulfilled.

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