Forbidden Articles

Highly seasoned dishes, hot curries and chutnies, meat, fish, etc., are forbidden for Sadhakas. Meat can make a scientist, but rarely a philosopher and a Tattva Jnani. Chillies, sour articles, tamarind, mustard, all kinds of oil, asafoetida, salt, onions, garlic, etc., should be avoided. Onions are worse than meat. Too much fasting is injurious during the practice of Yoga.

NOTE: Myrobalan is a beautiful stuff for Yogins. They can chew it very frequently. In Bhagavata it is represented as even superior to nourishing mother. It takes care of the body better than a mother does. Even a mother gets annoyed towards her child; but myrobalan has controlled its Krodha, always possesses an even temperament and is always cheerful and enthusiastic in attending to the well-being of human beings.

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