Take wholesome, Sattvic food half-stomachful; fill the quarter-stomachful with pure water; and allow the remaining quarter free for expansion of gas. This is Mitahara, the ideal food for Yogins. This is the ideal for all who want to preserve health. This is quite hygienic and is in harmony with the dietetic principles of modern medical science. This is Mitahara prescribed for Yogis.

"Nathyasnatastu Yogoasti na chaikantamanasnatah

Na chaathisvapnaseelasya jagratho naivacharjuna".

"Verily, Yoga is not for him who eateth too much, nor he who abstaineth to excess, nor who is too much addicted to sleep, nor even to wakefulness, O Arjuna." (Gita VI- 16).

"Ahara suddhau, sattva suddhih; sattva suddhau, dhruva smritih;

Smritilabhe sarvagranthinam vipramokshah."

For spiritual practices Sattvic food is absolutely necessary. Wheat, rice, barley, sugar, butter, sugar-candy, milk, ghee, green dhal, Panchasakha vegetables, cabbages, potatoes, etc., are Sattvic articles of diet.

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