Mysterious Help From The Lord To Bhaktas

O faithless ones! Just hear the life-history of Roopkala Bhagavan of Ayodhya and the soldier-Bhakta of Punjab. Roopkala Bhagavan was a famous Bhakta in Ayodhya. It was he who started the All-India-Kirtan. He died a few years ago. He was a native of Chapra near Benares. He was the Inspector of Schools. He was a sincere devotee of Sri Rama. One day he was absorbed in meditation. He did not visit a school for inspection. Lord Rama Himself assumed the form of the inspector through his Yoga-Maya-Sakti, inspected the school boys, signed in the register and disappeared. When the inspector came to the school next morning, the teachers said that he was present all along in the school the previous day and showed him his signature in the register. He was very much astonished. This one evidence gave him much encouragement. He instantaneously resigned his post and went to Ayodhya to spend the rest of his life in communion with Lord Rama. Have you not heard of a recent Punjab incident? A soldier, a sincere Rama-Bhakta, was on patrol duty at night. One night a fine Kirtan-party was moving about quite close to the soldier. The soldier was much moved by deep devotion, left his duty and joined the Kirtan-party. He enjoyed the Kirtan to his heart's content. In the depth of higher emotions, he entered into Bhava-Samadhi, the ecstatic state of Bhaktas. When he returned at 6 a.m. he enquired the Subedar-Major whether anything happened during his absence. The Subedar said, "Nothing happened. I saw you always on the patrol duty." The Bhakta soldier was extremely surprised to hear the statement of the Subedar. He thought it was all the Grace of Rama. Rama Himself took charge of patrol duty to protect His devotee. He assumed the form of the soldier. When the Bhakta came to know of this incident, he immediately resigned his post and went to Ayodhya to spend his whole life in devotion. My dear brother, do not become a sceptic. If you are sincere in your devotion, you will have Darshan of God face to face this very moment.

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