Sayings Of Siva

Nitya Sukha and Parama Santi can be had only in God. God is in your heart. He is in you and you are in Him. Just feel His Presence. Through Bhranti caused by the mind, pain is mistaken for pleasure. Everyone in this world runs after pleasure and tries to get rid of pain. Sensual enjoyment is attended with various defects.

Maya binds people through affection, love, tenderness, respect, present, etc. Human love is selfish and hypocritical.

As everything is unreal in this world, treat love and respect as poison. Live alone and enjoy the Atmic Bliss in your heart.

Only the man who is spiritually thirsty will drink the Nectar of Immortality.

In the presence of sensual pleasures, Atmic Bliss cannot be had.

There is no way of overhauling the vicious, worldly persons other than the personal contact of a Guru.

Work is a help for beginners and hindrance for advanced persons in meditation.

Mind is only a bundle of Samskaras, ideas, habits, impulses, thoughts and emotions.

Many have fallen from Yoga by the influence of subtle desires.

The most difficult thing in this world is concentration.

Mental purity is of paramount importance for Self-realisation.

Memory of the past retards an aspirant's spiritual advancement.

A gross mind with selfishness and lust is absolutely unfit for a spiritual life.

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