Spiritual Lessons

If one can always remember that God is watching all his thoughts, he will do very few evil actions. He will realise God quickly. But he forgets this point owing to force of Maya or Avidya. But a Viveki who has got the power of discrimination remembers this on account of the descent of God's grace (Anugraha) and marches on the spiritual path with bold, steady and quick steps. The descent of the Divine grace is due to countless virtuous actions done by him with Nishkama Bhava during several births.

This world is as unreal as a shadow, bubble or froth. Why do you run after wealth, woman and the toys of name and fame?

Some Bhaktas think that they have made a complete self-surrender. But they have their own ways sometimes and cherish some desires. They walk in their own egoistic ways. This surrender is insincere. They are not entitled to the descent of Divine Grace.

No one is always praised. No one is also always censured. Also there is no one on earth who is not blamed. Therefore, do not bother about praise or censure. Rise above censure and praise and identify yourself with the Absolute, the Glory of glories, the Holy of holies, the Light of lights, the Sun of suns, Atman or Supreme Self.

The body is the source of all pains. Hunger is the worst of all diseases. There is no fire like lust. Santosha (contentment) is the best of all virtues.

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