Ten Vital Instructions

There is no use of talking on abstruse Vedantic Philosophy. If I begin to explain Adhyaropa-Apavada, Bhaga-Tyaga Lakshana, and the Neti-Neti doctrines, they will all be Greek and Latin to you. I want to bring home to your minds some important points which you will be able to put into daily practice. Get up at 4 a.m.—Brahmamuhurta which is very favourable for meditation. Answer the calls of nature. Wash your face. Do Japa and meditation for 1 or 2 hours. In the early morning the mind is free from worldly Samskaras. It is more or less like a blank sheet of paper. It can be moulded very easily. Have your own meditation room. Then read one chapter of the Gita. Observe Mouna for 2 hours daily. Mouna helps concentration and affords peace of mind. Energy is conserved and will-power is developed. Take Sattvic food and Mithahara. Do some Asanas and Pranayamas regularly to keep up your health and to steady the mind. Take milk and fruits on Ekadasi. Spend one tenth of your income in charity. Charity purifies the heart. Develop Sattvic virtues such as tolerance, mercy, forgiveness, nobility, etc. Preserve the Veerya. Keep a homeopathic chest of twelve tissue remedies. This is a Maha-Yoga for you. Give medicine to all the sick persons. Become a member of some social institution and do social service wholeheartedly without expectation of reward and without egoism. This is a beautiful Sadhana for Self-realisation.

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