Anatomy Of Haiti A Yoga

are going to see is that movements of the lines reflect rotation of th< planes, and that rotation of the planes reflects rotation of the thighs. S. keeping the knees straight, first rotate your feet so that the big toes remai together and the heels swing out 450 each (a 90' angle opening to the rear and then rotate them in the opposite direction so that the heels are togethc iind the toes are out (again a 90° angle, but now opening to the front). 1 definition, the thighs will have rotated medially in the first case and lateral in the second. We should note that in both situations the thighs account ( only about two-thirds of the total rotation—30° at the hip and 15° at tl ankle.

This experiment makes it clear that most of the rotation of the foot 5 translated to the thigh. If a foot slips out of position in a standing postui it indicates weakness on that side, and to allow the weakness to rem; 1 indefinitely can only accentuate problems throughout the foundation f the body. The situation should be corrected, but don't force matte Instead of hurting yourself by stressing the weaker side, ease up on t e healthier side and resolve to take as long as necessary to make long-te n adjustments. In any case, watch your foot position constantly.

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