Anatomy Of The Shoulderstand

To understand the complex anatomy of the shoulderstand, we'll begin wii a brief description of the posture in its most extreme expression—tl candle posture. This is an advanced pose, however, and should not attempted until you are warmed up and have mastered the prelimin;: postures which follow. In this pose the feet are swung overhead from i supine position, and the arms, forearms, and hands are placed in a neuti I position alongside the thighs (fig. 9.1). The body is balanced on a triangui shaped region comprised of the back of the head, the neck, and the should* The chin is pressed into the sternum, and the pose is held internally, mos y with the muscles of the torso and lower extremities. This is not easy. F v students will have enough back strength to keep the sternum tigh y pressed against the chin, but unless they can do that they will not att n the fidl benefit of the posture.

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