- /ys/t/tfcaiJ r/' e>AtA ays (Ate /e> /Ate fettA/y jSssu^ùmiety rf /As /Aysrt'tA net ce>uet/essts/e/A Ay s/teesstJ e>/' 'jAasrattyeUana. ¿AzateasrA'iveaÁ/teJJ astJtetyfí-em /Ae eAye/tssaAtfa e>////s ¿eJteó tst /Ate raJe e>f maAeà sis/sA iea-ttszA sAùs>etAee3 ast'Jtsty /sr/n /As rAeyestssa/te/t e*f /As ot-astsJ ta. /As fe/naAcJ east Ae ea-/eetJtt>eAy rstt/se/AetA Ay /Ae ytsr/s/tee o/ -SasrastyetJasia. C/yyisytJia, raeiá/tyta/tevi, Atesela, t'tJresc/l/tMtô can At /seei/esA Ay .J'aettassyaJet/ta ai titcA/aJ At/ AtsôAaJastst.

— Swami Kuvalayananda, in Popular Yoga Ananas, p. 67.

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