cerebral cortex, motor region for thigh muscles half-brain, left side, medial view frontal lobe example of a lower motor neuron with an extensive dendritic tree

Figure 1.5. Upper and LI lower motor neurons. The cell body of an upper motor neuron is shown above in the left cerebral cortex, and its target—the cell body of a motor neuron whose axon is destined to g1

innervate the right quadriceps femoris muscle —is on the right side of the spinal cord.

axon of a motor neuron illustrated here as passing out of the vertebral column by way of the right 12 spinal nerve: its cell body receives synaptic input from the upper motor neuron at the L2 cord level cell body of upper motor


,--7 rear view of spinal cord ^ / and paired spinal nerves; C1 /on each side we see

/ 8 cervical nerves (CI -8), / 12 thoracic nerves (T1-12), / 5 lumbar nerves (L1-5). / 5 sacral nerves (¿1-5), and small coccygeal nerves

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