Chapter Eight The Headstand

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To be "stood on your head" is to be surprised and shocked, and this is the essence of the headstand—turning the world topsy-turvey and adjusting to being upended. To launch this jolt to our spirit, we balance on the top of a spheroidal surface—the cranium—which can be likened to balancing the pointed end of an egg on a button. The headstand not only inverts our vision of the world, it inverts the pattern of blood pressure in the body— increasing it in the head and dropping it to practically nothing in the feet. And because the increase in blood pressure in the head may be the fust deciding ingredient in whether or not it is prudent to try the headstand, we'll begin with a discussion of the cardiovascular system. Most of the rest of the chapter focuses on the musculoskeletal anatomy of the headstand and related postur es: two techniques for doing the headstand and how each of them affects the neck and body; the anatomy of the upper extremities and methods for developing the strength needed for coming into the headstand safely; correction of front-to-back imbalances; breathing adaptations for inverted postures in general and the headstand in particular: and combining the headstand with backbending, forward bending, and twisting. Finally we'll e*amine the question of how long one can remain in the posture.

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