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When you have gotten to the point at which you can sustain relaxation for a whole, you can try this experiment. At the end of a long relaxation, and before you have moved any part of the body, think of coming out of the posture in slow motion. Try to flex only one finger in the most minuscule possible movement. What you notice if you are completely relaxed is that each movement comes as a tiny jerk, like a cursor moving across a computer screen one pixel at a time rather than in a smooth sweeping motion. You do not ordinarily notice either the jerks in the body or on computer screen because they are so tiny and numerous—you are awar only of the totality of the motion.

After you have made yourself aware of the jerks in one or two finger try the same thing with a shoulder. Concentrate carefully on making tl smallest possible movement to lift the shoulder, and again you will see th the first movement comes as a jerk, larger in the shoulder than in tl finger. These jerks may result from single nerve impulses impinging i the muscle fibers of the motor unit or they may result from overcomit resistance within the connective tissues—resistance that for some reast yields in spurts. I think it is more likely the former, but the questu can't be settled without electromyography using thin-wire electrode < embedded directly into the appropriate muscles.

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