Deepening Relaxation

Even if the somatic and autonomic systems are not creating obstacles, the mind may still be active, and this too can prevent deep relaxation. It has been documented that when the body is relaxed and the subject purposely entertains extraneous thoughts, a biofeedback monitor keeping track of skeletal muscular activity reacts immediately showing clearly that quieting the mind is just as important to relaxation as quieting the body.

Hatha yoga includes many techniques for making the mind still, from concentration exercises on the surface of the body, to watching the breath to more subtle abstract exercises such as "sweeping the breath up and dowi the body," or holding your attention on regions such as the navel center, th< point between the eyebrows, or the pit of the throat, whose anatomies locations are not precisely defined. The results of these exercises are cleai the mechanisms obscure. We know only that the skeletal muscles rela> and that the autonomic nervous system fulfills its autonomous role i managing the internal organs and tissues of the body without the necessit of conscious input. That is quite enough.

One word of caution about abstract exercises: those who are flight sometimes go off on odd tangents when they try them. Anyone who psychologically fragile should stick with more grounding concentratioi such as focusing their attention on the rise and fall of the abdomen durii inhalation and exhalation, or thinking of relaxing large body parts such the head, neck, shoulders, arms, and forearms.

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