How Breathing Affects Posture

The way breathing affects posture and the way posture affects breathin will be continuing themes throughout the rest of this book. The important-of these issues have long been recognized in yoga, but most commentark are vague and imprecise. Here I am aiming for simplicity: photograph records of exhalations and inhalations, and superimpositions of computei generated tracings of inhalations (since these are always larger) on tb exhalations. As seen in both this chapter and in chapters 3 and 5, sue images provide a source of raw data not only for how inhalations result i movements of the chest and abdomen but also for how they affect the bod from head to toe. The single most important key to understanding all sui effects is the operation of the respiratory diaphragm, and to introduce ti subject, we'll explore two exercises that will help you become aware of i¡ anatomy and understand two of its main roles in movement other tha those for respiration itself.

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