hands to the forehead and slowly pull the chin toward the sternum and then to the rear as far as possible, creating resistance with the hands in both directions all the way. Fourth, repeat with both hands behind the head. In all of these exercises move slowly enough so that the tension ha-an isometric character at any given moment.

For exercise number five, twist the head 45" to the right and then mo\ it from right front to left rear, resisting the movement with the right han* placed on the forehead; for number six twist the head 45' to the left an resist the movement from left front to right rear with the left hand. F< number seven and eight repeat with the fingers interlocked behind th head, first with the head twisted 45° to the right and then 45° to the left.

For number nine twist the head and neck axially as far as you can both directions, resisting the movement with the right hand on the le temple and with the left hand behind the head almost to the right ear. Y01 hands are trying to twist the head to the right and the neck muscles ai resisting; you can go all the way to the right, but you are limited when yt go to the left because the left forearm stops the twist before you reach yo> r limit. For number ten, switch hands and again twist while resisting. N< j you can go all the way to the left but are limited when you go to the rig!

From here on you are limited only by your imagination. You can tw t first, and then go forward and backward, or you can take your head forwai . backward, or to the side, and then resist a twisting movement. Or you c 1 resist large arcs of movement, looking under the axilla on one side a d creating an arc up and back to the other side.

Muscular resistance is a time-tested agent for protecting the bodj is well as strengthening it, and combining strength-building exercises v. h those that improve flexibility can help a lot in building confidence for do g the headstand and shoulderstand. The exercises are safe provided u build your capacity for them slowly. Interestingly, after you have done th n for a few months the neck will be stronger than the upper extremities,; d no matter how hard you push with your hands you will be able to stop ie movement with the neck muscles.

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