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toward the floor during exhalation. Then, to create thoraco-diaphragmatic breathing, hold enough muscle tone in the abdominal muscles as you inhale to prevent the lower abdomen from moving anteriorly during that phase of the cycle. You can feel what happens next. Since the tension in the abdominal muscles does not allow the abdominal wall to protrude as the central tendon starts to descend, the diaphragm can act only at its costal insertion to lift and expand the rib cage. This draws air into the lungs and at the same time enlargeĀ« the upper abdomen, as opposed to the lower. As in abdominal breathing, the external intercostal muscles remain active; you can feel them lengthen actively against the resistance of the lungs' elasticity as the chest wings out during inhalation, especially toward the end of inhalation. Diaphragmatic breathing in the corpse posture requires more attention than abdominal breathing, and because of this it is useful as a concentration exercise and for the deep inhalations and long exhalations in 2:i breathing.

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