Raising The Hips

Most of the problems associated with the classic sitting postures can b alleviated by raising the hips 1-6 inches off the floor (fig. 10.7). A rollcd-u blanket is ideal for this because it is firm and because you can vary th thickness to suit yourself. If the height is adjusted precisely, you feel as i you can sit up straight without straining and yet notice that some effort 1 required.

You can sit straighter with a prop under the hips for several reason.*-The thighs are angled down, and as a consequence the reduced demand for flexion of the thighs means that adductor muscles that arc otherwisi too short have more slack. Second, since the hips are lifted, the legs end uj further underneath the thigh muscles and will not force the thighs into a much lateral rotation. Third, with less stretch being placed on the adductoi by flexion and lateral rotation, these muscles have more room to permi abduction. And last, the adductors are not pulling so insistently on th'

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bottom of the pelvis, so the iliopsoas muscles will not have so much difficulty maintaining the back axis of the body perpendicular to the floor.

If your support is not high enough to suit your particular needs, and if you are determined to sit "straight" no matter what, a strained and inappropriate posture results. The vertebral column compensates for the stress by generating a lordosis that is higher in the back than normal. So instead of an anteriorly convex lumbar lordosis between the first lumbal-vertebra and the sacrum (Li to Si), the curvature flattens and deteriorates in this region and you develop what might be called a thoracolumbar lordosis, or one that is convex anteriorly between about the eighth thoracic and the second lumbar vertebrae (T8 to L2). The posture is awkward and unnatural; to make matters worse you can adjust to it easily and begin to sit that way habitually.

It is also important not to sit on a support that is too high. Your pose may be satisfactory as far as the basic curvatures are concerned, but after a few minutes it will be unstable and you will tend to pitch forward. This will soon cause you to weave around and lose your concentration. A support that frankly lifts the hips also causes you to lose the purity of the right tetrahedron. You may be upright, but the angle between the thighs and trunk becomes an obtuse rather than a right angle, and the proximal parts of the thighs are not solidly against the floor.

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