Sandbag Breathing

In the corpse posture, sandbags of various weights will strengthen and further educate the diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and abdominal muscles. As mentioned earlier, a sandbag weighing 3—15 pounds is best for training in abdominal breathing because it can be comfortably pressed toward the ceiling with each inhalation, and its fall can be comfortably restrained during exhalation. The chest is stable, and both the upper and lower abdomen are thrust anteriorly (along with the sandbag) by inhalation (fig. 2.22a).

To intensify the exercise and create diaphragmatic breathing, increase the weight of the sandbag to the point at which it is a bit awkward to press it toward the ceiling. This much weight, about 20-30 pounds for a healthy young man with good strength, makes it more convenient to breathe diaphragmatically than abdominally. If you adjust the amount and placement of the weight perfectly, the tension on your upper abdomen will cause the diaphragm to flare the rib cage out from its base. You have to play with the resulting sensations and analyze the movements carefully. In this case (fig. 2.22b), if a 25-pound bag of lead shot is placed just beneath the rib cage, inhalation lifts the chest and upper abdomen up and forward, but the movement of the lower abdomen is checked, at least in comparison with abdominal inhalation shown in fig. 2.22a.

If you increase the weight even more, to 30-50 pounds or so, you will create so much tension in the abdomen that the dome of the diaphragm is unable to descend at ail. In that event the only way you will be able to breathe comfortably will be by lifting the upper part of the rib cage and breathing thoracically (fig. 2.22c). Placing two 25-pound bags of lead shot

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