Supine Tensionrelaxation Exercises

If you consistently have trouble relaxing, one of the best remedies is an isometric tension-relaxation exercise. Lying in the supine corpse postuie, try a sequence of tensing and then relaxing both upper extremities, both lower extremities, the right upper and right lower, the left upper and left lower, the right upper and left lower, the left upper and right lower. Finally, create whole-body tension; then relax.

These exercises not only train the motor units to respond to your will, they also place tension on the Golgi tendon organs in the tendons connected to the muscles being tensed. Stimulation of those receptors reflexly relaxes the muscles involved. Students can safely be encouraged to go to extremes in this exercise: the more vigorously they hold tension, the more the Golgi tendon receptors will stimulate relaxation in the affected muscles.

Staying Relaxed

Staying Relaxed

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