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Along with flexors (the iliopsoas), extensors (the gluteus maximus), am abductors (the gluteus medius and minimus), we also have adductors f< pulling the thigh medially, a movement which we considered in detail i chapter 6 in relation to forward bending. To understand why the adductor are important here, experiment with the movements required for sittin cross-legged. Sit on the floor with the knees up and the feet side by sid about a foot from the buttocks. Now pull one foot in toward the perineur flexing the leg maximally against the thigh, and lower the knee lateral toward the floor. Notice that the thigh has now been abducted, flexed, ar laterally rotated, and recall from chapter 6 that each and every one of the? movements is resisted by the adductor muscles. And not only that: sine the adductors attach between the bottom of the pelvic bowl and the femi; they also act in the other direction, pulling forward on the base of tl pelvis and causing the lumbar region to flatten or even round posteriori This creates resistance to the 90° of hip flexion necessaiy for maintainir the right tetrahedron.

In summary, the iliacus and psoas muscles are most important for creatu 90° hip flexion in the three classic sitting postures, and the adductors are mo.L important for preventing it. Accordingly, the iliopsoas must be strong enoug and the adductors long enough to permit you to sit upright with a convincin lumbar lordosis, flex the thighs 90°, abduct them enough to bring the heels t the position required by the posture, and rotate them laterally enough to kee the knees pressed to the floor—and do all of this at the same time.

The most obvious (although long-term) solution is to strengthen tin psoas and iliacus muscles with leglifts (chapter 3) and gradually lengthei the adductors with prolonged adductor stretches. The less obvious solutio is to free up the sacroiliac joints so that full nutation permits the ischia-and with the ischia the origins of the adductor muscles on the inferioi pubic rami—to be spread apart from one another. This has the sam> practical effect as lengthening the adductors.

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