The Crocodile

The crocodile is the standard prone relaxation posture. It may not alii v you to relax as deeply as the corpse, but the first variation that follov 3 comes close. We discussed the crocodile in chapter 2 with respect to breathii but here we'll look at it in its entirety, as a mild backbending relaxatit 1 posture that also stretches the arms overhead. First tiy the simpli t crocodile with the arms stretched out in front of you, the hands catch g the elbows, and the forehead on the uppermost wrist (fig. 2.23). If tl t position does not overstretch the muscles on the undersides of your arii , it will probably be comfortable. If it is not, try supporting the chest witl a pillow, and notice how easing the stretch in the arms allows those muse s to relax. Use your personal preferences for foot position: heels in, heels c or toes straight back. Those who have limited ability to extend their ank s may need to support them with a pillow. Then, lying still, try to notice f you are still holding tension, and if so, where.

Next try the second position for the crocodile with the arms at a 45-9 angle from the floor (fig. 2.24). This will be more of a challenge for ma; v people. The abdominal muscles may resist the backbending that is defini 1 by the posture, and the flexion in the neck may not be entirely comfortab but if you practice this posture regularly, you will sooner or later be able relax in it.

Last, try the full crocodile with one elbow on top of the other, each hai ' gripping the opposite shoulder, and the head tucked into the combinĀ» I crooks of the two elbows (fig. 10.3). This is the only true crocodil its "jaws" are formed by the upper extremities. Calling it a relaxatk posture may be something of a joke at first. Many people will have to art

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