The Lotus Posture In The Headstand

If you are flexible enough to do the lotus posture in the headstand, you have many options for developing flexibility and a strong back. Just being in this posture stretches the adductors and makes the hip joint itself more flexible. An excellent exercise is to lift the knees as far as possible toward the ceiling to hyperextend the back (fig. 8.35a) and then slowly lower them as far as possible toward the floor (fig. 8.35b)—without falling, of course. This is simdar to going back and forth between stages three and two of the headstand. except that it is easier because the legs and feet are folded in and because a smaller proportion of your lower body weight is carried forward. It is also rewarding to twist and bend from side to side in the lotus posture. With the knees up, whatever stretches you do along those lines will be combined with backbending, and with the knees down in a more neutral upside-down sitting lotus, whatever stretches you do will build strength in the back. Be sure to repeat all exercises you do in the lotus—no matter what the posture—by alternating the foot you fold in first.

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