The Need For Empowered Thoracic Breathing

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In addition to certain postures in hatha yoga, thoracic breathing woi s beautifully in aerobic exercise, in which a freer and more vigorous style >f thoracic breathing is combined with increased cardiac output. The arous d heart creates pulmonary arterial pressures high enough to perfuse t e entire lungs with blood at the same time they are being ventilated from p to bottom. In hatha yoga this also happens in a series of briskly execut <1 sun salutations or in any other postures that stress the cardiorespiratc y system, such as triangles (chapte • 4) or lunging postures (chapter 7), esf cially when performed by beginners. In hatha yoga we also frequently u e an empowered and healthy form of thoracic breathing for the comple e breath (which we'll discuss later in this chapter) and in most oth r circumstances in which you are taking fewer than two breaths per minut

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