The Right Tetrahedron

It is the geometry of these three postures that makes them so stable. T V are identical except for the position of the lower extremities, and in all >f them the body assumes the shape of a tetrahedron—the simplest possi ie three dimensional structure. All tetrahedrons are made up of four triangu • r surfaces. In the classic meditation postures the base triangle lies agai I the floor and is formed by the thighs and an imaginary line connecting t two knees. The spine extends upward perpendicular from this triangli s posterior corner and forms the upright axis for both the second and th d triangles, which are completed by the right and left upper extremities rest i i on the right and left lower extremities at the knees. The fourth triangu r surface, which completes the tetrahedron, is formed by an imaginary Li that connects the knees, and by two lines that follow the upper extremit from the knees to a point near the top of the head (fig. 10.6). The 90° anj. '

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