Torso Extension And Hip Flexion

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A wall is also a good prop for working with passive extension in the lumbar region. From a simple headstand again facing away from a wall you can place both feet against the wall and walk them slowly down, or you can simply hold them within your reasonable limits, making sure you don't go so far down that you cannot comfortably walk them back up. Alternatively, you can stabilize one foot against the wall and bring the other one forward (away from the wall). If you pull down vigorously on the forward foot using the rectus femoris muscles and the hip flexors on that side while keeping the knee fairly straight with the quadriceps femoris muscle as a whole, you can stretch the forward hamstrings at your leisure; and unlike most standing and sitting forward bends, you can work with the stretch safely but insistently and without stressing the back in the slightest. Repeat the exercise on the other side.

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