Figure 7.23. The revolving extended lateral angle pose is a complex posture 1 a' in the end produces a 270° twist in the frontal plane of the body. As in the c. e of the extended lateral angle pose, one can legitimately compromise this posture by supporting it with the elbow resting on the thigh rather than on I e floor.

the same direction (leaving the other thigh and leg fully extended), coming into a twisted half or full plow alter twisting in the shoulder stand, coming into a twisted half lotus one-legged plow (fig. 9.8), or coming into twisted knee-to-the-opposite ear poses (figs. 9.9-10). Other related postures such as variations of the threading-the-needle pose (figs. 9.i7a-b) are especially helpful for working with the full spinal twist, which we'll discuss in the next section.

In the headstand, twisting the body with the lower extremities straight overhead is both comfortable and rewarding. The easiest way to do this is to abduct the thighs (fig. 8.33) and then swing them around into a position in which one is flexed and the other is extended. Then you continue in that same direction, pulling the feet as far as possible through an arc as you twist the body between the hip joints and the neck. Then come back to a neutral position with the thighs abducted and swing the feet around in the other direction.

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