h. tiie hihiktahd 4yi structures of the hip joint, limit this particular stretch. You can again alternate this pose with the home position in which the knees are llexed, and the thighs are abducted and extended (fig 8.32b). This latter position takes tension off the adductors that take their origin posteriorly, allows you to abduct the thighs more fully, and by default brings the stretch to the adductors that have their origin more anteriorly on the inferior pubic rami. Go back and forth repetitively for clarification of these principles.

stretching the hamstrings

In the headstand you can stretch the hamstrings by extending one thigh posteriorly to approach the limits of hip extension and at the same time bring the other thigh forward to stretch the hamstrings. To come into this position you can cither abduct the thighs and then swivel them around, which leaves you with one thigh extended and the other one flexed, or you can stall from stage four of the headstand and hyperextend one thigh to the rear and flex the other one forward. If you also flex the back knee, this will drop more weight to the rear and you will not have to readjust your balance so much when you flex the other thigh (fig. 8.34). Then, as soon as you are balanced you can pull isometrically in opposite directions, allowing the forward knee to bend according to your capacity and inclination for stretching the hamstrings. Repeat on the other side.

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