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Stand with your feet together with both arms straight in front of you, palms facing downward. Bending your left knee, reach behind you with your left hand and grasp your left ankle. Flexing forward at the waist, pull your left leg upward as far as you can comfortably stretch it, keeping your right hand forward and parallel to the floor. You should feel a stretch in your thigh muscles. If you cannot maintain your balance without holding on, grab onto the back of a chair with your hand until you find your center. Hold this pose for ten seconds, then release your left leg and allow it to return to the floor.


Repeat the pose on the opposite side, starting with your feet together and hands outstretched. Then reach back, grasping your right ankle with your right hand while you keep your left arm outstretched in front, palm facing downward. Hold this balancing pose for about ten seconds, then slowly return to a standing position.

The metaphor of the bow is used widely in yoga. To hit the target you are aiming at, you must first pull back to a still point that is full with potential. There is a classic Vedic story of an archery class in which Arjuna with his brothers and cousins are receiving instructions from the master archer, Drona. In a distant tree, Drona had placed a wooden bird onto which he had painted an artificial eye. He then asked each young man in succession to pull back an arrow but not release it until the student described what he was seeing. The first apprentice said that he saw the bird, the tree, the surrounding land, and the other students standing around him. Drona told him to put down the bow without launching the arrow. Each subsequent student responded similarly upon being asked the same question. When it was Arjuna's turn, his response was, "All I see is the eye of the bird." When asked by Drona, "Don't you see the bird, the trees, and the surrounding people?" Arjuna replied, "No, Guru, all I can see is the eye." At this response, Drona instructed him to release the arrow, which struck a bull's-eye.

The technology for success in life is first to pull back to a still, quiet inner place from which you can become clear about your goal, and then act with the full power of your intention. In yoga, the bow poses remind you to dive deep within yourself to find your quiet, unbounded state of awareness. When you act from this expanded domain of consciousness, your intentions will be powerful and success will be more likely.

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