Dandayamana Konasana Standing Angle Pose

Standing with your legs apart and your arms outstretched at shoulder height parallel to the floor, slowly bend forward, grasping your ankles with your hands. If you cannot reach as far as your ankles, grasp your legs as close to your ankles as you can. Now gently pull your head down toward the floor while you press your hips upward.

Hold this position for about ten seconds while slowly inhaling and exhaling, using your breath to surrender further into the pose. Slowly return to an upright position, take a few deep breaths, then repeat the standing angle pose two more times. Notice how each time you go into this posture it becomes easier to perform.

Flexion into this pose is initiated from your hips. You will feel stretching in your groin and lower spine. If you

cannot grasp your ankles, try resting your hands on the floor in front of you and gradually walk them back toward your feet.

This pose allows you to see the world from a different angle, one of the benefits of yoga practice. Every person is a point of perspective, and it is easy for each of us to become attached to our particular point of view. Over time, this contributes to rigidity and judgment. Looking for opportunities to see the world from a new perspective nurtures flexibility in mind and body.

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