Ekpadasana One Foot Posture

Standing with your feet together, extend both arms in front of you so your palms are facing downward with your index fingers together. Balancing on your right leg, partially bend your left knee, bringing your left leg in front of you. Find your point of stillness while maintaining balance on your right leg.

once you feel stable, slowly bring your left leg behind you while flexing at the waist until your left leg is extended out parallel to the floor. While you balance on your right leg, your arms remain in front of you with your palms facing the floor. Bring your attention to your breath as you find your center point of stillness.

Hold this pose for about ten seconds, then slowly return your leg to the floor and resume standing with

Ekpadasana Pose

your arms at your sides. Close your eyes for a few moments, checking in with your body.

Repeat the posture with your left leg on the floor, first finding your balance with your right leg in front of you, then slowly bringing it behind you as you gently lean forward with your arms reaching forward. Slowly return to a standing position with both feet on the floor.

There will be times when your one-pointed attention locks in to a pose and body and mind come together. This is the essence of yoga. You are in present-moment awareness and there is effortless communication between your body and your mind.

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