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Most people find the eagle pose challenging when they first try it, but it usually can be mastered within a short period of time. Standing with your feet together, bend both knees, then shift your weight to your left foot. Cross your right leg around the front of your left until you can hook your toes inside your left calf muscle. You will need to keep your left knee bent to achieve this.

While your legs are wrapped and maintaining your balance, bend your right elbow and cross your left arm between your right arm and your chest. Place the fingers of your right hand onto the palm of your left hand and point your fingertips to the ceiling. Hold this twisted pose for ten seconds, then unwind.

Repeat this balancing posture on the opposite side by shifting your weight to your right foot and wrapping your left leg around your right, hooking your left toes inside your right calf. This time, wind your right arm around your left so that the fingers of your left hand rest in your right palm. The opposite leg and arm are on top.

In Vedic mythology, Garuda is the eagle god—half bird and half man. He is frequently shown carrying Vishnu, the god who maintains the universe. Garuda is known as the destroyer of obstacles to the fulfillment of desires. Develop the focused attention and balance required to master the eagle pose and obstacles will dissipate from your life.

Practice these balancing poses on a regular basis and in addition to mastering the postures, you will find it easier to maintain your balance in all situations in your life. An underlying fundamental principle of yoga is the relationship between the individual and the cosmos, between the microcosm and the macrocosm. The skills gained during the practice of yoga translate into life skills. Everyone can benefit from greater balance in life.

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