Halasana Plow Pose

4. Bhujangasana—Cobra Pose

5. Salabhasana—Locust Pose

7. Janu Sirasana—Bent Knee Forward Bend

8. Padmasana—Lotus Flexion

9. Uttpluthi—Uplifting Pose


Balancing Postures (5 to 10 minutes)

With enhanced flexibility, you naturally become better at maintaining your balance. Spend about a minute in each of the six balancing poses, noticing how your inner mental turbulence quiets as you find your physical center.

1. Vrksasana—Tree Pose


2. Ekpadasana—One Foot Pose

3. Trikonasana—Triangle Pose

4. Dandayamana Konasana— Standing Angle Pose

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