Halasana Plow Pose

From the shoulder stand, gently lower your legs over and behind your head so you are touching the floor with your toes. If you cannot bring them all the way to the floor, lower them as far as you can. Place your arms alongside you, breathing easily, and feel the stretch in your spine and thighs. Bring your attention to your breathing and practice Ujjayi pranayama in this pose, audibly inhaling and exhaling with slightly constricted throat muscles.

Slowly alternate between the shoulder stand and the plow pose three or four times. These two poses are beneficial for massaging the visceral organs and toning the thyroid gland.

Now slowly lower both legs back to the floor, resting comfortably on your back. Witness your breath while feeling the sensations in your body.

The shoulder stand and plow poses circulate energy up and down your spine. When you first try the shoulder pose, you may find that your center of gravity is in your hips and buttocks and you may have difficulty maintaining your legs over your head. With repeated practice, you will feel increasing comfort bringing your legs over your head and maintaining your balance with little effort. You may initially have difficulty flexing enough for your toes to touch the floor. After a few rounds of doing the shoulder stand alternating with the plow, it will be easier for you to obtain full benefit from both poses.

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