Janu Sirsasana Bent Knee Forward Bend

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Rolling to your back, assume an upright sitting position with your legs out in front of you. Now, bend your right knee and pull your foot tightly into your groin. Raising both hands over your head, exhale while slowly flexing forward at the waist, reaching forward to grasp your left ankle or foot. If you cannot bend forward far enough to reach your foot, hold your leg as far down as you can without straining. In this position, use your breath to consciously release further into the pose, having the intention to relax with each exhalation. Hold this position, breathing deeply for several moments, then slowly release.

Repeat the pose with your left knee bent, flexing forward to grasp your right ankle or foot. Again, find your point of resistance, then introduce the intention to surrender, using your breath to release more deeply into the pose. Listen to the information your body is sending to you.

This posture provides a stretch to the hamstring muscles at the back of the leg. Opening these muscles through this pose translates into a more fluid gait.

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