Padmasana Lotus Mudra

Cross both legs in front of you, with your right ankle resting on your left thigh. If you can, bring your left ankle onto your right thigh, assuming a full lotus position. If you do not yet have the flexibility in your hips and legs to achieve a full lotus, remain in a half-lotus with your left ankle beneath your right thigh.

Now, flex forward at the waist until you are resting your lower abdomen on your thighs. Relax into this pose for several slow, deep breaths. Grasp your hands together behind you and slowly lift your arms upward, keeping them straight. Hold this position for ten seconds, breathing deeply, then lower your arms and slowly return to a sitting position.

The classic lotus pose opens the pelvis and hips. Flexing forward in lotus increases the stretch in your hips and groin. Try switching the leg that is on top and notice how you are able to flex forward more easily each time.

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