Pranayama to minutes

Begin with five to ten minutes of pranayama breathing exercises. Start with several rounds of Bhastrika, or bellows breath, to clear your body of toxins. Then perform three or four Dirgha breaths, bringing air sequentially into your lower, middle, and upper lung spaces. Next, shift into Ujjayi breathing for several minutes, slowly inhaling and exhaling with a slight contraction of your throat muscles. Finally, move into Nadi Shodhana, or alternate nostril breathing. Partially close your eyes as you perform Nadi Shodhana to draw your attention inward. Depending upon how much time you have available, spend five to ten minutes performing your breathing exercises.

Bhastrika (1 to 2 minutes)—bellows breath

Dirgha (1 to 2 minutes)—complete breath

Ujjayi (1 to 2 minutes)—success breath

Nadi Shodhana (2 to 4 minutes)—clearing breath

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