Uddiyana Bandha Stomach Lift

Sit comfortably with your legs crossed and your spine upright. Bend slightly forward. Placing your hands by your sides or on your thighs, bend slightly forward. Take in a deep breath and completely exhale, emptying your lungs as fully as possible. Make a motion as if you were about to take another inhalation, but instead lift your abdomen so that you are forming a hollow below your diaphragm. Hold this position for about ten seconds, then release and take a normal in-breath. Repeat this motion seven times.

This bandha activates the solar plexus energy center, which governs digestion and the ability to translate your desires into manifestations. Blockages in this region are associated with digestive disturbances and metabolic imbalances. Developing the ability to regulate energy in this area of your body ensures that you have access to your core digestive fire. When your fire is burning

brightly, you are able to extract the nourishment you need from your environment and discharge toxins that inhibit the flow or energy in your body/mind.

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