Vajrasana Diamond Pose

Beginning on your knees with your body upright, gently lower yourself down until you are sitting on your heels. Rest in this position for a few moments, then lift yourself

off your heels. Again allow yourself to settle onto your heels. Become aware of your breathing and allow yourself to relax more deeply with each breath. Activating the Law of Intention and Desire, envision energy freely flowing up your spine.

This is an energizing pose that awakens energy in the lower chakras. With practice you will see increasing flexibility in your hips, knees, and ankles. It provides benefits for people suffering with digestive disturbances and hemorrhoids.

The diamond is the precious gem that has the highest spiritual frequency representing purity and eternity. It has the ability to cut through almost everything else in the world. The diamond pose awakens the balanced state of mind-body integration that allows you to cut through ignorance with the wisdom of the infinite and unbounded field of life.

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