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Trying a Trio of Shoulder Stands

(UNG Don't attempt any of these postures if you're pregnant have high blood pressure or a hiatal hernia are overweight, even moderately so have glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, or neck problems or are in the first few days of your period. Also, don't use a mirrored wall, because you can injure yourself if you fall.

Standing wide angle forward bendprasarita

Use caution performing this pose if you have high blood pressure or lower back problems. If you become dizzy easily, come out of the pose very slowly. If you have lower back problems, you can perform the pose using a wall for support. Begin in Mountain Pose facing a wall, about one arm's length away from the wall. Step your right foot to the right 2 to 3 feet and then place your palms on the wall. Bend forward from your hips, walking your hands down the wall until your upper body and legs form a 90-degree angle. Remember to keep your back straight and to lengthen your spine. This modification is also useful if you have high blood pressure.

Youre stiff as a board

People with tight muscles tend to be protective and guarded in their movements. They don't have the confidence to move freely. This lack of confidence hinders their movements and makes them even stiffer. Eventually, they may develop bad posture, which can lead to other health problems, including chronic back pain and chronic headaches (see Chapter 14). Bad posture can compress the internal organs, causing poor digestion, high blood pressure, and respiratory ailments.

Physiological viewpoint

Help to regulate and match the heart rate and blood pressure with the respiration system. These receptors feed messages to the brain through the sinus nerves, which in turn takes the necessary actions to balance the circulatory and respiratory systems. The carotid bodies become compressed if the blood pressure rises. This sends a message to the brain which takes steps to prevent this high blood pressure. In jalandhara bandha, these receptors are artificially compressed. This tends to prevent a sudden rise in blood pressure which would be expected when the breath is held for some time. This increases the duration of breath retention and so increases the effectiveness of practices such as nadi shodhana pranayama.

Special Workout for Expecting Mothers

Before beginning any new exercise program, pregnant women should consult with a health professional or primary prenatal care physician, especially if they have pregnancy-induced high blood pressure, early contractions, or vaginal bleeding. The exercises we've designed for pregnant women are slow, comforting, and relaxing exercises. Nevertheless, exercising can pose risks to pregnant women, especially those in or beyond the sixth month of their pregnancies. In our experience, pregnant women who have permission from doctors to exercise have no trouble doing standing yoga-with-weights exercises and poses that require you to have the support of a chair. Starting at the sixth month, however, you may need to stop doing exercises that require lying on your belly or back. Twisting exercises also aren't recommended for pregnant women, so to be on the safe side, we don't offer twisting exercises in this chapter.

Non selfacceptance as a cause of disease

But many moralistic systems and codes say 'do not be angry' or 'anger is a sin'. Because of this, many people suppress their anger but the driving force behind the anger has to express itself somehow. It is rechan-nelled. If the suppression of anger is great enough and for prolonged periods of time it results in high blood pressure, or heart attack and so many other prevalent diseases. So we urge you to express your anger, if it is possible (sometimes circumstances make it difficult). Don't feel any pangs of guilt about your anger. Be angry, for it is better to express it openly than to transform it into disease at a later date. But when you feel angry be aware and in time the anger will disappear.

Yoga Helps You Maintain Recover or Improve Your Health

When you consider that 75 to 90 percent of all visits to the doctor are related to stress, Yoga's holistic approach is a prudent first choice for fostering well-being. Through its relaxation, postural, breathing, and meditation exercises as well as dietary rules, Yoga can effectively lower your level of tension and anxiety. Thus, yogic practice boosts your immune system, which helps keep illness at bay and facilitates the physical healing process if you're already sick. Research demonstrates that Yoga is a very effective way of dealing with a variety of health problems from hypertension, adult-onset diabetes, and respiratory illnesses (such as asthma) to sleep

How Breathing Affects The Autonomic Nervous System

All of our concerns so far have been with how the nervous system influence breathing. These are all widely recognized. What is not as well-known is tha different methods of breathing can affect the autonomic nervous system an* have an impact on the functions we ordinarily consider to be under unconscion control. Abnormal breathing patterns can stimulate autonomic reactions asst dated with panic attacks, and poor breathing habits in emphysema patient produce anxiety and chronic overstimulation of the sympathetic nervou system. By contrast, quiet breathing influences the autonomic circuits thai slow the heartbeat and reduce blood pressure, producing calm and a sense of stability. Our ability to control respiration consciously gives us access to autonomic function that no other system of the body can boast.

Limitation Of Chakrasana

Chakrasana should not be practised by people who suffer from high blood pressure, heart problems, stomach ulcers, dilated eye pupils or hernia, or by anyone who has weak arms. Also, it should not be attempted by anyone who has recently undergone any abdominal operation or who has fractured any bones. Pregnant women should not do it.

Standing yoga mudra pose

You should use caution performing this pose if you have high blood pressure or an injury to your neck, shoulders, back or legs. You should use caution performing Rag Doll Pose if you have a back injury, high blood pressure or an eye problem, such as glaucoma. You can use a wall for support and rest your hands on your thighs. This modification is beneficial if you have high blood pressure.

Dhanur-akarshan-asana Posture Archer Benefits

Gomukhasana is an excellent asana for inducing relaxation. If you feel tired, tense or worried then we strongly suggest that you practise gomukhasana for at least ten minutes. It helps to greatly ease away tension. For this reason, it has been found very useful for helping to relieve ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sexual malfunctions. Gomukhasana directly helps to remove stiffness in the spine, neck and shoulders. It also develops the chest and improves breathing.

Shirshasana Headstand

As wonderful a pose as the headstand is, it shouldn't be practiced under certain circumstances. If you have high blood pressure, heart problems, or are pregnant, don't attempt the headstand or any of the inverted poses. You may still be able to do inversions with no problem, but talk to your yoga-friendly doctor first.

Meditation Antar Mouna Stage

A vast number of diseases such as cancer, high blood pressure and asthma etc. are caused primarily by mental disturbance, tension and suppressed feelings. Other factors are also involved, but we feel the main cause lies in the mind. Mental tensions reflect in the body. Extreme tension, dissatisfaction or frustration in the mind over a long period of time leads to manifestation of physical malfunction in some form or another, that is, disease.

Guidelines to be observed during asana practice

There are no specific limitations on the practice of asanas with regard to age or sex. However, people who have specific illnesses should not do certain asanas. Full information on this will be given with the description of each asana. For example, a person who has high blood pressure should definitely not attempt inverted asanas, or people with a slipped disc should not try forward bending asanas. These are more obvious examples there are many such contra-indications which will be fully discussed.

Mens Health Resources on the Internet

Yoga has health benefits, especially as it involves circulation and stress reduction. Stress has long been known to be associated with exacerbation of physiologic illnesses such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and many others. Men, in particular, may experience benefit in prevention of cardiac disease, as there is a greater risk of cardiovascular disease in men as compared to women. In addition, increased blood circulation and decrease in stress may impact greatly on prostate health. Chronic prostatitis is associated with aging, stress, and poor circulation, making it a good disease target for prevention with yoga. Musculoskeletal health will also improve with regular physical activity and practice of yoga.

Yoga nidra as a healing method

We feel that yoga nidra is a method that should be adopted more widely in hospitals. It can be used to calm patients and aid recovery from various types of diseases by encouraging activation of the self-curative functions of the body. It can be used, for example to treat the following ailments asthma, diabetes, headache, migraine, stuttering, neuro-physical disturbances such as neurasthenia, peptic and duodenal ulcers, hypertension, rheumatism, cancer, hormonal imbalance and related ailments, sexual problems of all types.

Reasons for the practice

Tension and stress are associated with high blood pressure. Ujjayi pranayama by applying a slight pressure on these sinuses in the neck causes them to react as though they have detected high blood pressure, with the result that the heartbeat and the blood pressure are reduced below normal. One becomes physically and mentally relaxed. This is the reason why ujjayi is so important in many meditational practices. It induces overall relaxation, which is essential for success in meditation.

The Role That Yoga Can Play in Your Health and Wellness Program

Prime among yoga's many health benefits is its proven ability to help reduce stress. Experts maintain that up to 80 percent of all illness is caused by stress. The activities and stimuli of contemporary life are constantly triggering what scientists refer to as the fight or flight mechanism. This expression refers to the way in which we respond to stress. This response is involuntary, and includes an elevation in heart rate, blood pressure, and the creation of toxic chemicals in the body. Yoga helps to induce the opposite effects, in what Herbert Benson, M.D., termed the relaxation response in his groundbreaking book of the same title. Yoga can help to reduce blood pressure, heart rate, and improve circulation to help remove toxic wastes from the body. This may in turn help boost the functioning of the immune system. Yoga is so effective at inducing the relaxation response that many prominent authorities recommend its use for reducing stress and promoting health, including Dean...

Yoga for Older Adults

Seniors interested in Yoga should first check with their physicians. After you get the green light, seek out a class that focuses on your age group both for the social benefits and to be guided by a teacher who is knowledgeable about adapting postures to your needs and abilities. Head to Chapter 2 for more on picking a teacher and a class. Be sure to mention any physical conditions or concerns (such as high blood pressure, hip replacement, osteoporosis, and so on) and verify whether your prospective teacher can modify the routines to ensure your safety. In a group setting, a skilled teacher offers a range of options so that each student can practice at a level appropriate for his or her abilities and limitations.


Another point to remember is that those people who have any serious physical or mental imbalance must take care before attempting to practise pranayama, especially the higher stages. In this category we include those people who have high blood pressure, people who are extremely neurotic and so on.

Changing poor habits

Yoga shows you how to cultivate the relaxation response throughout the day by letting go of your hold on things. This phrase was coined by Herbert Benson, MD, who was among the first to point out the hidden epidemic of hypertension (high blood pressure) as a result of stress. In his 1 national bestseller The Relaxation Response (Harper Paperbacks), he calls the relaxation response a universal human capacity and a remarkable innate, neglected asset.

Bend twist

Take caution performing Standing Forward Bend Twist if you suffer from high blood pressure, lower back problems or headaches. You should use caution performing Side Angle Twist if you have had an injury to your back or spine or if you have high blood pressure. You should also avoid this pose if you have a headache. To help maintain your balance, begin in Lunge Pose with your left knee on the floor. For information on Lunge Pose, see page 180. Then perform steps to 12 below and repeat for your other side. Once you become comfortable with this modification, try the pose from the standing position. This modification is also useful if you have high blood pressure and must avoid a standing forward bend.


We can calculate that blood pressure at the top of the head increases from 100 60 mm Hg in a standing position to 150 110 mm Hg in the head-stand (fig. 8.2b), or even higher if you are not confident of the posture. The headstand is therefore contraindicated for anyone who has abnormally high blood pressure for the simplest of reasons the posture can increase blood pressure in the brain to dangerous levels perhaps well above 150 110 mm Hg. Conservative medical opinion also recommends that you avoid the headstand even if high blood pressure is brought to a normal level with medication.

Chair forward

If you find this pose strains your shoulders, you can rest your arms by your sides as you bend forward. You should use caution performing Chair Forward Bend if you have high blood pressure or a headache. sitting in a chair all day at work. How can I modify the pose if I have high blood pressure or a headache

The Millet Tofu Diet

The 'Millet Diet', or, 'The Siri Singh Sahib's Weight Loss Diet', was formulated by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur (Yogi Bhajan's wife), author of A Taste of India. Says Yogi Bhajan, When I went through this diet, millet took care of my high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high tryglycerides, and fifty pounds of excess weight . A booklet describing the diet, including recipes is available at the 'Ancient Healing' Website


High blood pressure If you have high blood pressure, even the mildest of abdominope ic exercises should be approached gingerly. Even if you are on medication t it successfully lowers your blood pressure, all intense abdominope c exercises should be avoided. Holding your breath at the glottis a I -r inhalation is always contraindicated. Holding your breath after exhalat a, as in uddiyana bandha, is less dangerous but also inadvisable becaust re would expect it to quickly increase venus return, that is, the flow of bb id back to the heart.

Sarvangasana I

Advance Sarvanga Asana

The nerves are soothed and headaches - even chronic ones -disappear. Continued practice of this asana eradicates common colds and other nasal disturbances. Due to the soothing effect of the pose on the nerves, those suffering from hypertension, irritation, shortness of temper, nervous breakdown and insomnia are relieved. The change in bodily gravity also affects the abdominal organs so that the bowels move freely and constipation vanishes. As a result the system is freed from toxins and one feels full of energy. The asana is recommended for urinary disorders and uterine displacement, menstrual trouble, piles and hernia. It also helps to relieve epilepsy, low vitality and anaemia. It is no over-statement to say that if a person regularly practises Sarvangasana he will feel new vigour and strength, and will be happy and confident. New life will flow into him, his mind will be at peace and he will feel the joy of life. After a long illness, the practice of this asana regularly twice a...

Appendix A Nutrition

M udra experts, such as Keshav Dev and Kim da Silva, rec-r i l ommend paying attention to nutrition simultaneously v Y A. with practicing the mudras. The ancient yogis also knew this. The extent to which the body fluids (blood, lymph) are permeable for both the physical and the subtle energies is largely dependent upon how much waste material is in the body. Our waste material is created based on our choice of foods. For example, one of my acquaintances, who for years has required medication to treat high blood pressure (deposits in the blood vessels can be the cause of high blood pressure), suddenly could not tolerate the medication anymore. Despite great concern on the part of the physician, he reduced the dosage to a minimum this made my friend feel much better and his blood pressure remained normal. How did this happen His wife changed his diet and, after a few months of the new diet, he reacted in this way because the deposits in the blood vessels had been reduced.


Acupressure For Low Blood Pressure

If you have high blood pressure, massage the middle finger from the root to the tip. To counteract low blood pressure, massage the middle finger from the tip to the root. Do the same with the index finger if you have diarrhea or constipation. High blood pressure High blood pressure High blood pressure Sexual disorders

Inversion optional

Powerful Postures

Even if you are ready for an inversion, we advise against practicing the shoulder stand or the half shoulder stand at the wall if any of the following conditions applies to you glaucoma, retinopathy, high blood pressure, a history of heart attacks or stroke, hiatal hernia, the first few days of menstruation, pregnancy, or 40 or more pounds of excess weight.

Be The Change

Advantages, including lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels, compared with meat-based diets. Vegetarians are less prone to cancer, hypertension, and type 2 diabetes, according to the American Dietetic Association. On average, they also have a lower body mass index.

Internal therapy

There are some people who praise and worship amaroli, claiming urine to be the divine nectar of life. Ardent supporters give a long list of diseases which can be treated with urine, including diabetes, kidney diseases, heart ailments, high blood pressure, oedema, malaria, general fevers, colds, asthma, menstrual disorders, piles, intestinal diseases, cancer and many more. If you suffer from any of these diseases then you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying amaroli. If possible, you should contact a doctor or nature healer who has empathy with amaroli, to obtain advice on the method to be employed for your circumstances. The therapy can be used for both chronic and acute diseases, but in the case of acute disease, such as gastroenteritis, it can be used as an adjunct to conventional therapies.

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