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wisdom, condensed

The Yoga Sutra, a collection of 196 short verses describing the nature of the mind and the way to train It, is composed by the sage Patan-jali. It will become a key text of the modern tradition.

body as temple

Tantra, a philosophy that sees everything worldly as an expression of the Divine energy, takes shape in India. Tantra will evolve over many centuries, validating the body as a spiritual vehicle and Including women and other members of society previously barred from sacred ritual.

c. 1005

all about Tantra

The great sage Abhinavagupta composes the 5,800-verse Tantraloka, making the philosophies and practices of Tantra easier to understand and contributing aesthetic elements that will increase Tantra's accessibility for the modern yogi.

line illustrations by Roderick Mills a watch

A video timeline of recent yoga history can be found at yogajournal.com/llvemag.

inspired storytelling

The Bhagavad Gita makes yoga accessible to householders by describing Krishna's teachings to his friend Arjuna in the midst of a great war. In simple poetry, Krishna describes the yogas of devotion (,bhakti), service (karma), meditation (raja), and study (jnana) as well as dozens of yoga techniques.

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