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A cutting-edge When music mogul Terry McBride music executive gets passionate about something, wants to bring V°u can be sure you're going to hear kirtan onto the about it. A longtime fan of indie main stage rnusic, McBride co-founded the artist-friendly Nettwerk Music Group in 1984, which jump-started the careers of Sarah McLachlan (see "Sweet Surrender,"page 46), Coldplay, and others. Wanting to promote female artists, McBride joined forces with McLachlan and other industry players to produce Lilith Fair-a successful all-women's music festival featuring artists like Sheryl Crow, Emmylou Harris, and the Indigo Girls-which ran from 1997 to 1999 and returned this year on a 36-city tour.

And then he got excited about yoga. A frequent business traveler, McBride became frustrated with how difficult it was to find studios where he could practice-and shower afterward-before heading straight to a meeting. So he opened YYoga, a chain of state-of-the art yoga studios in the Vancouver area. The studios feature upscale amenities like hot showers, microfiber towels, and infrared saunas as well as spaces for socializing and classes with popular appeal, like Yoga for Stiff Guys.

In 2008 McBride began promoting devotional and meditative music like that of chant masters Krishna Das and Jai Uttal-music that McBride first heard when he started practicing yoga five years ago, but that he had trouble finding in mainstream stores. His answer was to relaunch Nutone, the once-defunct world-music division of Nettwerk, as a kirtan music label.

McBride's goal is to bring chant music to the masses via mainstream stores and large-scale concert venues, so that people who've never heard it before can experience its power. "I really believe that people need to hear this music, and they need to be able to find it more easily," he says.

So far, Nutone has released 15 albums from devotional music greats such as Sean Johnson, Wade Imre Morissette, Wah!, and David Newman. And McBride organized a major tour for Krishna Das and Deva Premal this year that played to sold-out concert halls.

For McBride, it's all about making what he loves more accessible to the general public. "The more people there are who do yoga, the better the world will be for me and my kids to live in," he says. "If something helps us, makes us a better person, why wouldn't we want to share It?" KAREN MACKLIN

Terry McBride now presides over a kirtan music label and a chain of yoga studios.

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