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Kigali, Rwanda

Deirdre Summerbell, founder of Project Air, leading a class.

krama yQÇJQ (a program of NataRaj Yoga) Phnom Penh, Cambodia poverty, and conditions for children are tough. Though thousands of aid organizations work to help children there, they have a high failure rate among youth from backgrounds of poverty who try to get regular jobs. Children raised without parents or in abusive conditions often lack basic social skills and confidence. "The degree of damage that results from generational poverty is vast. There's a whole sense of self that's never been developed," Isabelle Skaburskis says, explaining that yoga offers tools to build that sense of self.

INSPIRATION Skaburskis was running NataRaj Yoga, a studio In Phnom Penh, for a mostly ex-pat clientele. She trained Yan Vannac, and together they started teaching yoga to orphans and other vulnerable children. "I was thinking about how yoga could stay in Cambodia sustainably. I wanted to get more Cambodians involved," Skaburskis says.

IMPACT Krama Yoga teachers give free classes to 250 students each week. More than 350 at-risk kids have taken at least one class. The first group of teacher trainees-one young man and six young women, who were all former sex-trafficking victims-is close to graduation. At a recent teacher training for Western students, Ska-burskis's Cambodian teacher trainees assisted the class. "They were not intimidated at all-they were on top of their game," she says.

HIGHLIGHT Skaburskis says that seeing her young students-many of whom are healing from abuse-gain confidence, body awareness, and empathy deepens her own understanding of yoga. "They've been my best teachers," she says.


Yan Vannac and Isabelle Skaburskis, founders of Krama Yoga, with a group of their students.

MISSION To teach yoga and life skills to orphans, adolescent sex-trafficking victims, and other vulnerable children and to train Cambodian yoga teachers. Certain communities in Phnom Penh suffer from endemic service witha smile

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