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/ A new mom, asked to forgo her \ I favorite foods, explores the \ power of love to change her diet. /

I knew, when I gave birth to my daughter last summer, that parenthood would mean some sacrifices: the muscle tone of my abdomen, for starters. Nights out at L.A.'s finer restaurants and cocktail establishments. Spontaneous travel beyond emergency diaper runs to my local Babies R Us. Sleep in more than two-hour intervals. What I never expected to sacrifice, however, was the cream in my coffee.

I thought I had given birth to the world's gassiest newborn. She cried all night long and screamed every time I nursed her. She seemed to be miserable most of the time, and so was I. My husband, traumatized by the sound of his wife and child sobbing in unison, was ready to hire a live-in baby nurse to help us; my mother suggested colic and said there wasn't anything we could do. Finally, our pediatrician eyed

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

Pregnancy And Childbirth

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