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place your left palm on the left thigh. Take 5 breaths, then bring your right leg out to the side. Ground your left hip and inner thigh. Take 5 breaths here, return to center, and take the second side.

8 Parivrtta Upavistha Konasana

(Revolved Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend)

Roll onto your side, sit up, and open your legs wide apart. Lift your torso, stretch your right arm along your right leg, and hold your right foot. If you do not reach your foot, use a strap. Lengthen your left leg. Bend the right elbow toward your inner right calf, rotate your torso, and open your chest. Stretch your left arm overhead and, if possible, hold the outside of your right foot. Take 5 breaths here, release, and repeat on the left.

9 Anantasana

(Reclining Pose Dedicated to Vishnu)

Lie on your left side. Extend your left arm in line with your left ear, stretch your left armpit toward the floor, and rest your head on your left hand. Then bend your right knee, hold your right big toe, and stretch your right arm and leg toward the ceiling. Draw your right buttock toward your front body and ground down through your left side. Place your left foot against a wall if the struggle is too intense. Take 10 breaths and enjoy. Repeat on the second side.

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A video of this Home Practice sequence can be found online at


Dean Jerrehian of JadeYoga treasures the natural resources available to us, including the contributions of yoga teachers.

Why did you get in the business of yoga?

We heard many complaints about slippery, toxic yoga mats and created our natural rubber mats to solve this problem and change people's feelings about their mats. As an added bonus, the yoga community totally supports our efforts to produce eco-friendly products and give back to the earth and the community.

How does jade give back to its community?

Our mission is to "give back to the earth" and through our partnership with Trees for the Future, we plant a tree with every mat sold. Further, we donate mats to a variety of community yoga programs including those that benefit children with Down's Syndrome, domestic violence victims, substance abusers, prisoners, soldiers and veterans, at-risk teens, children and adults with cancer, and many others.

What do you hope to see happen in the next 35 years?

The programs I just mentioned started with yoga teachers-one of the most caring and giving of all professions. I hope the attitudes of these teachers rub off on their students, changing how they live their lives. Can you imagine if millions of yoga students were as giving in their everyday lives as these teachers?

Why did you choose the image at right?

This was a no-brainer. As the rubber in Jade mats comes from trees and we plant a tree with every mat sold, Vrksasana, or tree pose, was the natural choice.

Learn more about ladeYoga at

Dean Jerrehian, founder of JadeYoga



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