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Satchidananda Ashram-Yogaville"

150 mrfes southwest of Washington. D.C. 108 Yogaville Way. Buckingham, Virginia 23921

Pacific Yurts...

Create an inspiring space for fitness, balance and well-being. ^ _____

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The Kriya Yoga Teachings

Par amah ansa Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda taught a system of powerful meditation techniques as part of the science of Kriya Yoga.

Visit for a guided meditation and to learn about our unique home-study program based on Yogananda's in-depth classes.

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The Newbies Guide To Meditation

The Newbies Guide To Meditation

Perhaps you have heard all about the healthy benefits of meditation and you have been anxious to give it a try. Let this guide teach you everything you are needing to know. Download today for yourself.

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