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To learn how the cover was created, see page 156.

To learn how the cover was created, see page 156.

on the cover

Inner poise: 9 poses to develop strength and stability (97)

Instant refresh: Simplest pose to bring you back into balance ( 70 )

Find focus in a world of distraction ( 38 )

Guide for new meditators (77 )

Sarah McLachlan interview (46 )

Eat your veqqies! Good for you, qood for the planet ( 63 )

Cover credits

Sarah McLachlan in Extended Hand-to-Big-Toe Pose; stylist: Tracey Pincott; hair/makeup: Johnny Bellas for Tre-semme; clothing: vest: Diesel: pant: Lululemon Athletica: bracelet: Ann Skom Lindstrom from Bacci's. Saraswati: Sand-hya Chib-Jacob; stylist: Jasmine Hamed; hair/ makeup: France Pierson; sitar: AM Akbar Music School. Photographed by ERIK ALMAS

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Contents September 2010


Viparita Karani Discover the joys of receptivity in Legs-up-the-Wall Pose, by Cyndi Lee practice inspiration



health eating wisely ( 55 )

Let me eat cake! A new mom, asked to forgo her favorite foods, explores the power of love to change her diet, by Janelle Brown well being ( 63 )

Diet for a healthy planet To be eco-friendly and heart-healthy, try eating vegetarian, by Katharine Mleszkowski om ( 29 )

Bringing your practice to life Find peace wherever you are; poses to soothe sciatica; staying mindful in the face of technology; music mogul Terry McBride.

Letter to a new meditator Everything you wanted to know about meditating, but didn't have a teacher to ask. by Sally Kempton media ( 145 )

Reviews of the latest books, CDs, and DVDS, including The Subtle Body by Stefanie Syman and The Practice of Pranayama by Richard Rosen.

the yj interview ( 168 )

Merry maker Anusara Yoga founder John Friend mixes serious alignment with a great sense Of humor, by Diane Anderson basics ( 70 )

Viparita Karani Discover the joys of receptivity in Legs-up-the-Wall Pose, by Cyndi Lee home practice with elise browning miller

Vishnu's repose Find inner poise in Anan-tasana, a pose dedicated to the deity said to preserve and sustain the universe.

master class with natasha rizopoulos

Hot wheel The intensity of full Wheel Pose offers an ideal opportunity to cultivate steadiness under any circumstances, by Karen Macklln departments inspiration practice

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