Pure And Natural Glycerine Soap

AU natum glyeerW mane wUh t*i fU<st in^rtaients.

Sel Wl 4ot (lilt)

Aailable in:


And other fine stores!


SAVE 50<

With purchase of 3 or more bars

In twelve fresh fragrances, available in fine stores everywhere

Limit one coupon per purchase.


For internet orders, enter code: YJ1009

RETAILER: '- or each coupjn you accept di J ou duthonoMi ¿gent, we wi'l pay you the face value of Ihis coupon, plus B cenls for handing. pnided you and your customer h«*e complied with the terms of this offer Any Dther appfceaton constitutes fraud Invoices showina your purchase of svffkfcnl stock to cover ail coupons must be shown upon request. Void if copied, prohibited, taxed or restricted You customer must pay arty required sales ux Cash value 7100 of 1 cenL

Beaimcnt »roducU Inc. • CVS Dept 87052 • One Fawcetl Dnve • Oel to. TX 78840

Bukt arm a

Bukt arm a

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